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3 boys, 2 horses, grandparents and a full family session ~ Red_Deer_Photographer

one of the craziest sessions of 2012 so far!

When I got the details of the GOALS for this session, I knew it would be crazy.

3 boys.

2 grand parents

full family session

and could we PLEASE add 2 horses??


The evening went off without a hitch.

Yes there was some horse snot, and a few tears, but mostly a WHOLE lot of laughs!

Red Deer Childrens Photographer


Look out young ladies of Red Deer, these boys are going to steal your hearts!



Red Deer Family Photographer

Red Deer Family Photographer

Red Deer Photographer

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back to blogging! Red_Deer_Photographer

holy cow! its been forever! shame on ME!

well hopefully I am back on the blog routine here, I have a lot of sessions over the past few months to play catch up on!

Today’s featured session is a wonderful little newborn named Willow.

I am so excited to have Willow join the sprout club for 2012.

We will be blessed to see her grow throughout the next year, reach and surpass some wonderful milestones.


“A baby girl… one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today.”

Author: Unknown

Red Deer Family Photographer

Red Deer Family Photographer

Red Deer Family Photographer

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2012 Mini Session Mayhem

Available session Times

Saturday Sept 23rd 2012

4:00 ~ Siemens Family
4:30 ~
5:00 ~
5:30 ~
6:00 ~
6:30 ~ Hart Family

Sunday October 22nd, 2012

3:00 ~ Rondeau Family
3:30 ~
4:00 ~ Jensen Family
4:30 ~ Judge Family
5:00 ~
5:30 ~

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Sweet sweet Everleigh ~ Red Deer Photographer

This session was fun.

This session was all about the KIDS and COLOR!

Could anything be more perfect? ( Not in my world!)

3 boys, 1 baby girl

Days like this I LOVE my job!

and miss Everleigh has some competition on the cuteness scale.

Here is her brother. Working the lens.

ALL ON HIS OWN, totally unprovoked, he just started all by himself!

Such giggles we were blessed with during this session.


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Twins ~ Little sprouts ~ Red Deer Photographer

So, this is a great blog post.

This is a family who is very near and dear to me.

This family I was blessed to watch unite, grow and now flourish.

this is how i first me them.

a couple married in Red Deer


Then we were supposed to meet for a maternity session, last June but these wonderful children decided to come a wee bit early!

and now we have these!

and who says getting your picture taken isnt fun?! 


and this is a good one too. I need to sell these to Apple.

Here is mommy & daddy on their wedding day. fixing some late photobooth problems.

and now here is the SAME phone, getting a taste test!


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Ashley - Such a sweet session Deanna, I love it!! You totally rock, and I have to say I adore the iPhone ones!

Deanna - thank you Ashley! I just LOVE photographing this age!

Premier Academy ~ Amateur Red Deer Cheerleading sports team

Some of you may know, some may not, but last year my Daughter Rylee joined the Premier Academy Cheer Team.

It has been so far in our team/club memberships the MOST amazing and rewarding experience yet!

Rylee is in her 6th year of dance, and is very excited to completely drop it, in order to do more nights of cheer ( not sure how I feel about that yet, scheduling will ultimately will decide).

Premier Cheer, is a young club. 2011-12 was only their 3rd year in operation.

They will have 12 teams in their club for 2012-13 season.

They offer tumbling classes, birthday parties, private lessons, recreational and competitive  cheer teams.

They also have implemented an amazing new character development program for all of their athletes called POWERFUL WORDS CHARACTER EDUCATION SYSTEM

Each month they focus on a different Powerful Word!

“We are not only building exceptional athletes but also exceptional leaders and learners through our new Powerful Words System!”

They have classes for all children ranging from ages 4-18.

and the BEST part. is that EVERYONE makes a team.

They provide a safe, exciting and FUN learning experience.

New in 2011 they opened the premier cheer preschool for both 3 and 4 yr olds.

It is not cheer based, but does have a wonderful physical activity each day!

What has MY family received from Premier Cheer?

Rylee has learned the importance of determination and courage.

She has learned how to work as a team.

She has learned that there is no I in team.

She has learned that hard work yields results.

What I find amazing, that while learning all these important LIFE lessons, she still has UBER amounts of fun, and loves her cheer team more each day!

She is 8. She told me last week, she wants to be a cheerleader for life. ( and then she asked me when she could be a coach! LOL)

Phew this ended up a way longer post than I anticipated!

I need your help.

Rylee needs your help.

She is trying her hardest to win a cover on the Canadian National Cheer leading magazine called Twist.

She wants to help Premier Cheer.

What we need you to do is to click the image below, it will open up the same image on Twists Facebook page, then we need you to LIKE it.

Thats it. It will take less time than reading this whole post!

She needs your help, she is 8. Many of the other entrants are 15+ and have friends on facebook.

Rylee is not on facebook, so we are relying on her mommy’s ability to gather the troops!

As of the time of this post, she is a whopping 800 likes away from winning!

” alt=”Red Deer Cheerleading” width=”600″ height=”750″ />

The contest Ends on Sunday April 22nd, 2012

Thank you!






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